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WoW Trades!, by Alberto Alvarado

Vendor: Alberto Alvarado

Type: Events


Alberto uses live trading charts to develop robust trading ideas focusing on price action momentum and long term direction. Using his experience as a trader, he guides traders both new and old in developing strong trading strategies.

Key features:

  • Fundamental analysis of data released the previous week and price action.
  • Trading recommendations for the week ahead and examples of past trading opportunities.
  • Q&A session at the end of the event.

About the speaker:

Alberto Alvarado is a self-made professional trader based in Mexico City with more than 10 years of experience in financial trading.

Alberto has now developed his very own intuitive methods and creative approach to trading, focusing mainly on price action trading and chart analysis using basic indicators like the MACD, Stochastic or RSI. His main aim is to share his experience and knowledge with new traders in an effort to reduce their learning curve and to help them achieve their goals.

Disclaimer: The WoW Trades Webinar is intended for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be construed as giving investment advice, and you should not rely on any content within this guide in making or refraining from making any investment decisions. Binary.com accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses incurred by users in their trading. Binary options trading may incur losses as well as gains.