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UDT Higher/Lower Bot

Vendor: Georgy1982

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UMK Higher/Lower Bot is a Higher/Lower bot that trades on the barriers of higher or lower at the same time on 2 screens in a semi-automatic mode.

One screen will run on an automatic mode and the other in semi-automatic mode. Manual mode means the manual execution of only one command, which is message automatic screen. It reports about the launch of the transaction. The transaction is triggered when the specified trend Index Volatility execution parameters: the number of ticks in the continuous up/down, which is also visually displayed on the chart.

Note: Volatility Indices are not available in the following countries: Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Luxembourg.

Contact Details

Website: http://binarycom.ru
Contact Person: Georgy Pronin
Email: binarycombot@gmail.com
Telephone number: +79620690414
Skype ID: georgy19829

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