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The Mantra Ultimate Bot Binary

Vendor: Forex Binary Factory

Type: Strategy

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The Mantra Ultimate Bot Binary is a pre-built automated trading strategy for our Binary Bot platform. It helps you define your profit and loss limits at the start of the run, and it varies your stake based on the outcome of the previous contract. This bot will run automatically until your target profit is achieved.


Key features

      Available for forex, indices, commodities, and Synthetic Indices

      Supported contracts:

      Digits Over/Under

      Built-in take-profit and stop-loss parameters


System requirements

      Internet access

      Windows 7 SP1 or later

      Minimum of 1 GB RAM


Available packages

      Free unlimited access for accounts registered via this link


Contact details

      Email: indramipa.unipdu@gmail.com

      Telephone: +6282245765898


Note: Synthetic Indices are not available in Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Luxembourg.