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Bot Strategy D3 Version 1.0

Vendor: D3

Type: Bot

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Currently offered to our Portuguese speaking clients, Estratégia Robô D3 Version is an automated trading bot created exclusively for the Binary Bot platform.

The bot gives you complete control of your trading. It features tools for checking market trends and customisable parameters, including stop loss and take profit.

The bot is available as a package and comes with 3 free strategies in XML files. Using the bot, you can trade synthetic indices and other markets with an initial stake of as low as 0.35 USD.

Key features

  • Available on Volatility Indices
  • Available contracts: High/Low/Sideways 
  • Internal profit and stop-loss parameters
  • Downloadable trading history 
  • Compatible with laptops, smartphones, and tablets

System requirements

  • Windows and Mac operating systems   
  • Internet connection of at least 10 Mbps

Available package: 7USD

Contact details

Website: www.robod3.com

Contact person: Letycia Barbosa

Email: d3robo@gmail.com

Mobile number: +5518998124866