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O.G. Bless Bot Pro V3

Vendor: EADev.Club

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O.G. Bless Bot Pro v3 is a pre-built automated trading strategy for our Binary Bot platform. It uses Oscar’s Grind staking strategy and helps you define your profit and loss limits at the start of the run. This bot will continuously purchase a contract type (for example, Put contracts) at the stake you have set until your target profit or loss limit is reached. 

Watch these youtube videos below to learn more about the product: 

Key features

  • Available for Synthetic Indices
  • Supported contracts: Call/Put options on the Volatility 100 Index
  • Built-in take-profit and stop-loss parameters

System requirements

  • Internet access

Available packages

  • 27 USD for unlimited lifetime access

Contact details

  • Email: eadev.club@gmail.com
  • Telephone: +31658883513

Note: Synthetic Indices are not available in some countries.