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Direct Signals for Binary.com

Vendor: Direct Signals

Type: Signals

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Direct Signals is a quality service designed specifically for Binary.com’s award-winning platform. Subscribe and have an expert trader place trades directly into your account in real time, using the Binary.com API.

Key Features:

  • Receive an average of 5 to 10 quality trades per week.
  • Have trades placed directly into your account in real time.
  • Experience no delays and never risk missing a trade, thanks to our usage of proprietary Binary.com technology.
  • Trade even with your computer turned off.
  • Choose from multiple packages that suit your personal trading strategy, whether you’re a small trader or a big roller.

Available packages:

The cost of subscription is based on the maximum size of each trade:

  • US$19.99 per month (max trade size of US$10)
  • US$29.99 per month (max trade size of US$15)
  • US$39.99 per month (max trade size of US$25)
  • US$49.99 per month (max trade size of US$40)
  • US$59.99 per month (max trade size of US$60)
  • US$69.99 per month (max trade size of US$85)
  • US$79.99 per month (max trade size of US$115)

Contact Details:

Website: http://binaryds.com
Contact Person: Alex
Email: info@binaryds.com
Skype ID: ale77.skype

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