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Vendor: binarypayments.com

Type: China PA


BinaryPayments will help you to process your payment in RMB accounts to the Binary.com platform!

Payment Methods Supported

  • ICBC, AliPay, Paypal and Wechat Pay

Commission Rates

  • Commission on deposits: 3%
  • Commission on withdrawals: 3%

Services rendered by this Payment Agent are only available to current residents in China.

Contact Details

Website: binarypayments.com
Email: info@binarypayments.com

Disclaimer: Binary.com is not affiliated with the payment agent listed above. Each payment agent operates as an independent service provider and is not endorsed, guaranteed or otherwise approved by Binary.com. CUSTOMERS DEAL WITH PAYMENT AGENTS AT THEIR SOLE RISK AND PERIL. Customers are advised to check the credentials of payment agents before sending them any money. Binary.com shall not in any circumstance be held responsible for transactions made between customers and payment agents.