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Barinua Tradex Pro

Vendor: Cynbanews Barinua

Type: Bot

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Barinua Tradex Pro (BTP) is a pre-built automated trading strategy for our Binary Bot platform. BTP will continuously purchase a contract type (for example, PUT contracts) with increasing stakes (starting from USD 2). When a contract is lost, BTP will switch the contract type (for example, to CALL contracts) and continue trading. When a contract is won, BTP resets your stake to USD 2 and the process repeats. With customisable parameters, including stop-loss and take-profit, you’re in complete control of your trades. BTP has been tested since September 2018 with excellent results from hundreds of clients. 


Key features

        Available for forex and Synthetic Indices

        Contract types available:


        Digits Matches/Differs

        Built-in take-profit and stop-loss parameters

        Downloadable trading history

        Compatible with laptops, smartphones, and tablets


Available packages

        $125 for unlimited lifetime access


Contact details

        Website: https://cynbanews.com/product/barinua-tradex-pro/

        Email: nbarinua@gmail.com


Note: Synthetic Indices are not available in Germany, France, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Luxembourg.