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Automatic Trade Signals for Binary.com

Vendor: Markets And You Pty Ltd

Type: Web Apps

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Automatic Trade Signals is a service designed for Binary.com. Subscribe and have our expert team of five analysts –– two in Germany, two in Australia, and one in Japan –– supply and place trades directly in your account in real time, using the Binary.com API. This service can potentially help both amateur and professional traders alike.

Key Features

  • Receive up to 27 automatic/direct trades each week (minimum seven per week) from five full-time trade analysts who specialise in the Binary.com trading platform
  • Have trades placed directly into your Binary.com account in real time
  • Never risk missing a trade, thanks to our service’s integration with the Binary.com API
  • Choose from multiple packages that suit your preferred trading markets

Available Packages

The cost of subscription is based on the markets available in each package:

    Contact Details:

    Websites: MarketsAndYou.com
    Contact Person: Joshua Cavallaro
    Email: reply@marketsandyou.com 
    Skype ID: Automatic Trade Signals A+

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