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Vendor: Kenh Cong Nghe 4.0

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Automatic Robot Safety Wins (ARSW) is a pre-built automated trading strategy for the Binary Bot platform. ARSW analyses the market identifies the trend and determines the right contract to purchase: Rise or Fall.

By default, it runs on the Volatility 100 Index with a starting stake of 0.35 USD, while taking profit and stop-loss amounts are set at 9.35 USD and 200 USD, respectively. You may adjust these parameters according to your trading style. 

ARSW helps to manage your capital using the Martingale strategy. When a contract is lost, the stake for your next contract will be doubled. When a contract is won, the next contract will be purchased with your starting stake.

Key features

  • Can be used to trade all markets
  • Supported trade type: Call/Put (Rise/Fall)
  • Built-in Martingale strategy, take-profit, and stop-Loss
  • Tick duration: 1-10 ticks 


  • Internet connection
  • Binary.com account
  • Access to Binary Bot

Available packages: 500 USD

Contact details:

Name: Duong Trung Thanh

Website: http://kenhcongnghe40.tk/nhi-phan-binary-com-bid19.html

Email: kutochoicangay@gmail.com 

Mobile: +84869333454

Note: Synthetic indices are not available in some countries. 

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