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Bambi Digit Over Bot

Vendor: Cynbanews Barinua

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Bambi Digit Over Bot (BambiDOB) is a pre-built automated trading strategy for our Binary Bot platform. Designed specifically for synthetic indices, BambiDOB purchases Digits Over contracts with 1-tick durations and varying stake amounts.l

Key Features

  • Available for synthetic indices
  • Supported contract: Digits Over
  • Built-in take profit and stop-loss parameters
  • Contract duration: 1 tick
  • Downloadable trading history
  • Suitable for desktop and mobile devices

Available Package: 150 USD for unlimited lifetime access

Note: Synthetic indices are not available in some countries.

Contact details

Contact Person: Erhabor Emmanuel

Website: https://cynbanews.com/product/digit-over-binary-bot/

Email: nbarinua@gmail.com

Telephone: +2348137107956